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The Gift



I have a gift that I’ve been wanting to give you for such a long time now. When I think of the day that I can finally offer it to you, I know that the pleasure of offering it will be as beautiful for me as it will be for you to receive it. The wrapping job is rather inadequate….I’m sure that you’ll be able to figure out what it is in no time. It’s barely disguised, just covered up by my little panties. They are black with shiny ribbons stretching across my hips and a tiny bow-tie just under my belly button.

I excite myself at the idea of you kneeling behind me, your warm breath lightly blowing onto me, your scruffy chin grazing the soft skin of my lower back, your strong hands grasping the elastic ribbons that cover my hips….

For a second I wonder if you would gingerly unwrap me, like those (irritating) people at Christmas who take a half an hour to open one, probably unwanted present. As if they intended to re-use the wrapping paper. Something tells me that that is not your style. I think that you would yank off my ribbons and bows in a joyous frenzy. With your hands, with your teeth. I think that is how it should be, like the delight of a child on his birthday careless and carefree.