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Public Transport Part 2

If you didn’t catch the beginning of my story, it is here, Public Transport…at least I think it is.

So, like the moment before a tornado touches ground, the chaotic world suddenly went silent. Everything around me, the immense stroller, the innocent baby, the dazed tourists, the hobbling elderly, the inexcusable teenagers, they all just disappeared.


The moment that the large expanse of my ass came into contact with the Erect Stranger, the moment that I realized I was somehow lodged under his armpit, the entire planet stopped spinning. He was far taller than I, which was unusual in itself. I believe that his chin was nearly posed on the top of my head. The surprise of being thrust into someone’s personal space combined with his throbbing maleness, planted firmly into the silky fabric of my dress, was almost too much for me. My stomach lurched into my throat. I felt faint with desire for him, like an inebriated sixteen year old on prom night

Without saying a word, he pushed the red button signaling to the driver that he wanted to get off of the bus at the next stop. He looked into my eyes, inquisitive. He flashed a winning smile. There was no use putting up a fight. He had already won the battle, the war and a place in my panties. Forever!

The bus came to a halt and we got off together, as if we had known each other our entire lives. I was far from my destination and I didn’t care. He had become the only destination I could think of. We crossed a busy intersection, hand in hand. We meandered through a dusty no-mans land, kicking stones and empty plastic bottles. He kissed my forehead from time to time, making me feel small and vulnerable and safe all at once. I did not know where we were going but I was elated to be heading in the same direction.