Confinement Stories

     I had planned on writing several confinement stories. All of that free time spread out before me and in the end, I didn’t get a whole lot done. It did feel good to write again though. 


Taking Advantage of Julien Pierce


      The evening was warm, the air smelled of orange blossoms, sweet and heavy. The sky was clear and I could see a distant constellation close to the moon. As I walked, alone and carefree, appreciating the splendor of springtime, I realized how close I was to Julien Pierce’s house. The idea made my heart do a little quart-wheel in my chest.


     Five hundred feet and a right turn and I was looking into his home. Inside I could see some dim light and if I strained I could nearly hear the music he was listening to. The temptation to go up to the door, to ring the doorbell…I wanted to but I knew that doing so would be quite bold, maybe even rude. It was hard to say whether or not he would be alone…


Fuck it! I said to myself. I walked up to the door like a brazen hussy and rang the bell. Twice.


     The anticipation mounted from my sandal to my thighs and lingered there until I saw his face when he opened the door. He flashed me the kind of smile that says, What took you so long? My knees felt weak. My hands shook a bit. I mumbled something about being in the neighborhood. He pulled me inside. For a fleeting moment I was in his arms. He smelled so good, like juniper berries, lime, all things fresh and clean. I wanted him so much, being with him had something excruciating about it. The barrier of clothing felt unfair to me. I wished that he was in a towel. Or just plain naked.


     Then I was in. He unleashed his grip on my body, as if he was wondering if I could stand on my own. I wobbled a bit to the left, a bit to the right, then surprising myself I stood firmly in the living room of Julien Pierce. He motioned me forward, inviting me to sit on his couch. As I did so he took his seat in a comfy armchair. On the coffee table I saw where the juniper scent came from, an open bottle of gin in a lovely blue bottle waited for us. He offered me a glass, I politely refused. The silence was so loud in my ears. I needed to hear his voice. To know that he was pleased to see me in his living room. 


You know that I’m happy to see you, don’t you? He said in his sultry voice.

I think so Julien, I replied. You seem tired. I should have called first but when I walked by your house I couldn’t help myself. I had to see you.  


And I’m delighted that you stopped by. The thing is, I’ve had an extremely hard day and I’ve had quite a lot to drink. I think that tonight, we’ll have to change roles. Tonight, you will take advantage of me. His tired eyes sparkled, deep pools that intoxicated me, his lips turned upward in a sly, sultry smile. Tonight, you’re my designated driver!

     I got up slowly, gingerly making my way around the coffee table. I then stood before him and kissed him softly on his forehead. His scent made me heady. I slowly knelt before him, straightening my skirt on my way down. Without a word, I unbuttoned his trousers. Then I stopped for a moment and looked into his eyes. His anticipation made him even more beautiful.


     I placed my hand in his pants and  delicately took his lovely example of manhood out of its nest. I slowly licked him, my tongue made little circles around the tip. I looked at it and it seemed to give my a one-eyed smile. I licked him up and down and he got harder. I took him between my lips and he groaned lightly. I shot him a glance with his dick in my mouth, to see what he might be thinking. Then I sucked him into a puddle, deep and even deeper until he was two steps away from coming.  I stopped for a moment to catch my breath. He smiled down at me. 


Are you ready? He asked.


But I haven’t finished yet! 


I want to see you face-down on my couch.


     Secretly relieved, I wasn’t very sure of how to approach my post-blow job of the century,  (I don’t really like driving!) I wiped off my mouth and stretched out on Julien’s comfy couch. Close your eyes, he murmured softly in my ear. I loved his breath on my neck. Desire was tickling my whole body like a feather. Time seemed to stand still. I wanted him so much it hurt. I asked myself, What the fuck is he doing?! He was making me wait.


     Then, after what seemed like 1,000 years, I felt his hands sneak under my tummy. He slowly touched me until I was begging him to fuck me. And that’s what he finally did. He slid himself into me like a king, a god, like only he knows how.