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something d i i r r t i e r…part 1

As she entered his dimly lit bedroom, their bedroom, she was somewhat surprised by the fact that she felt no guilt. For so much of her life, she had felt a permeating guilty feeling, without ever really knowing why. As if she owed an apology for her very existence. Her guilt accompanied her so often that she didn’t even pay much attention to it. Like electricity, only when it goes out does one really notice it. So as she followed Marco into his modern, starkly furnished bedroom, the bedroom he shared with his beautiful wife, this absence of remorse seemed fairly remarkable to her.

Marco stopped dead in his tracks, turning around to look at her. His eyes were dark with intention, the expression he wore was that of a predator. A fierce lion going in for the kill. Under his powerful gaze, her skin tingled. Her own body was suddenly out of her control. There was only desire, warm and wet, englobing her like a bath in a hot spring, surrounding her in the white silence of snow. He slowly unbuttoned his linen shirt, revealing dark tendrils on his broad chest. He unzipped her black dress so slowly and gingerly lifted it over her head. On his breath she could smell gin, reminder of the martinis they had shared earlier in the evening. He slid her panties down over her hips, her ass, her knees and they fell to the floor like a fragile leaf. Time stood still as her admired her beauty, his hands hanging idly at his sides. She was drunk with desire for him, aching for him to touch her.

He moved slowly behind her and startled her when his left hand shot down between her legs. With his thumb and two fingers he pinched the flesh where her snatch began, pulling upward as if he was opening an envelope. A meat envelope. A clever pink coin purse with a pearly button. She thought of an image she had seen on Tumblr, a women in the same position as she was now. Her clit caught a cool breeze and she wondered if it was enjoying the view, this exposure to light and air. This idea made her smile. Marco’s right hand passed around her hip and slowly, he stroked her. In a languorous circular motion that seemed to be intent on avoiding her center. She wanted to reach down and touch herself but she couldn’t find the strength to do so. His magnificent erection was lodged stiffly between her ass cheeks, reaching the beginning of her long back. An eruption of wanting seemed to be welling-up in the back of her throat. Her eyes fogged up and a deep, guttural sound came out of her mouth. She didn’t recognize it, yet she knew that she was the one who had emitted it.

Marco briskly plunged all four fingers into her. She was a deep stream, running. His thumb rubbed her eager clitoris. He pulled his fingers forward and she gasped. She felt quite faint. For a moment she thought of summer camp, an exercise in trust. Letting yourself fall, trusting that your friend would catch you. She had never been very good at letting go, but here she was experiencing such intense physical pleasure that her mind could not seem to keep up.