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Fucking: Part 5

In his arms, my cheek grounding into his beautiful chest, I had a fleeting feeling of having found a place that felt like home, a place that I have always searched for but have never actually reached. His hands grasped my ass, his fingers sliding in from behind, exploring my slickness, my pearly button, my ins and outs. He introduced his digits, long and wet deep into me, making me gasp.

His mouth on mine, sharing his air, the whole experience made me tremble. My knees were wobbly, I yearned to lay down, to feel the weight of his body tethering me down, to stop shaking like an epileptic. I longed for all that was empty in me to be filled by his strength, to feel gravity working on me in a beautiful way. I wanted to feel connected to him, even just for a brief interlude in time. It is exhausting to always feel like there is nothing holding you to the ground, the whole lonely planet.