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Hot and frazzled, streams of sweat sliding down the back of her neck, she plopped herself down onto the ancient stairs and removed her Ipad from her sack. She felt relieved as she reconnected herself to her virtual world. It wasn’t home but it was as close as she was going to get on this humid August day. In this free Wi-FI zone, students and tourists alike stared blindly into their computer screens, searching for whatever it was they were lacking…a cheap hotel room for the night, a friendly word from a friend, their last bank statement, some kind of link to humanity. All seemed relatively oblivious to the magnificent Italian backdrop.

“How alone we are,” she said to herself, her body aching and her heart heavy. Instead of leaving her problems behind, they seemed even heavier to bear on her Italian vacation than before. The incredible food and the beautiful cities  clashed with the darkness she felt inside. She checked her emails, skimmed over her Facebook and found nothing that made her feel any less weary. She shut off her Ipad and gazed into the crowd.

He was alone, an aloof stranger drinking a Campari on the terrace of a café in front of her. His jaw line was strong and masculine. A cloud of virility lingered around him like the smoke of a pungent cigar. When his sparkling blue eyes met hers, the intensity of his regard permeated the gray aura that surrounded her. He slowly lowered his gaze. She was momentarily perplexed, let down really. He continued to stare off into space, wearing a half-smile. It was then that she realized that from where he was sitting, he could easily sneak a glimpse under her light summer dress.

Not only a glimpse!

His smoldering regard made her terribly aware of her white panties and what hid beneath. Her cheeks flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and arousal. The naughtiness of their game made her wet. She slowly parted her knees.  A cool breeze caressed her, goosebumps rose to the surface of her skin. His mischievous eyes made her feel naked for all to see and although she was really quite shy, she revelled in her public nudity. His tenacity bore into her, seeping into every pore. Like a rising tide everything within her swelled, her desire surging in silent response to his late afternoon scrutiny.