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Connections IV

The strength of his long, delicate fingers surprised her as he clutched her ass with both hands. He seemed to be measuring le pour et le contre, weighing the consequences of his acts. She imagined him weighing melons in the market, a shrewd shopper searching for the best buy. He clutched her firmly, lifting her up, opening her hips and smashing himself against her. The enthusiasm of his gesture made her gasp. She felt herself melting from solid matter to liquid. Then he tenderly released her. She was flat on her back, her breathing was heavy and irregular, as if she had just sprinted up a flight of stairs. She felt vaguely embarrassed by her own arousal as his lips, his mouth kissed her neck, her breasts. His hands roamed over the hollow part of her stomach and she felt faint from yearning. He placed a pillow under her full, round ass. The earth suddenly stopped turning.

Not only in sexual matters but in all matters, she loved passionate people. To her, even the most tedious subjects could take on a new life when seen through the eyes of a true, ardent fan. She found enthusiasm to be contagious. She loved people with strong appetites, who appreciate details, who rejoice in things others never even take the time to notice. Before this moment she had not been aware of how very passionate her companion really was. The fervor in his regard was nearly like a biblical frenzy. He entered into a kind of trance as he cupped her ass once again, lifting her slightly towards him. His eyes caressed her center with such tenderness, she imagined herself as a culinary delicacy in an exotic land, like a meal only eaten on very special occasions. A strange fruit. A ripe peach on a branch, fragrant and sweet.

He continued to stare down at her, saying nothing. Examining her close up, without touching. His scrutiny was becoming incredibly unnerving to her, a lifetime passed in her soul and then finally, he lowered his gaze. His strong, sensual mouth dipped closer to her wanton body, offered with an abandon bordering on obscenity. She could feel his breath, like a gentle breeze blowing over the most intimate places she knew of. He was inhaling her very essence, breathing her into him. His silent appreciation was overwhelming to her as was his immobility. As if suspended in time, he continued his voiceless tribute to her nether lands. She wanted to thrash around madly, she was so impatient to feel his mouth on her skin, to feel his tongue exploring her inside and out. He made her wait, and in the end she appreciated his self-restraint, his self-discipline, so unlike her own nature. She would never forget their coming together. Their connection lingered  in her mind years later, a warm, sweet memory that never lost its flavor.