Paris Street Art
I’m sending out

God please (Save this fucking Ship.)   -ndt

No!!!!  An SMS, did you forget????

Were you like-
Absent since the Renaissance Era?
(Chuckles the clown at the movie theatre)
Somebody in the peanut gallery
(mmmmmm! Trop Bon les cacahuettes!)

…they said you must take yet another Seresta 50
after 31 days of sleepless night.

“Do you have a drug problem Madame?”

Mais non connard avec un bouc,
I only drink on Mondays in ordre to start out fresh.
(Commercial jingle belles- Always)
But really Madame, have you gone stark raving mad?!?!???!!!

-ouiiii, I know I’m unlovable,
You don’t have to tell me. Message received loud and clear loud and clear….,

I really was born speaking French, babbling out “La Vie en Rose.” straight from the cradle.

And English too.
Ask my husband.
I just met him in the hallway at the top of the narrow staircase and I said to him,
“Did you get a chance to read my blogs today?

He just said, “No, I never even realized you knew how to write. (22 years later Laura Ingalls decided it was about time for a divorce. She had never fancied her little house on the prairie.)


  1. dreamlanddancing

    Merci, et bon chance “Madame Weasel”. (I was born speaking English, re-born learning French (reading “A Season in Hell” and “The Drunken boat”…love the mixed medium… you keep sending me to my translator.
    Chazz Vincent

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