Spinning aimlessly

An amusement park ride gone wild

Ideas, fears turn upon themselves

Like so many manic bumper-cars

Revving their engines

Colliding into one another

Going nowhere

Completely inert 

Yet using so much fucking energy

Such blatant waste

Greasy papers thrown to the ground

At the annual state fair

Between funnel-cakes

And corn dogs, cotton candy

Ephemeral, quickly consumed

By obese partiers 

Bewildered farm animals

Turning amongst themselves


Sharing only their destiny

One that they have not chosen

Oh, to be thrown brutally off the ride

Propelled out of the turning

Ejected high into the sky

To find a release

An exit

Freeing creativity

In order to find some reason to continue

To keep on riding.


  1. Dawn D

    Well… there is reason to continue even through greasy papers and other wasted energy.
    I’m sorry I haven’t been there much lately… Hugs

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