Sometimes you turn the page, sometimes it’s ripped out like a molar.

I would have rather found the strength necessary to be a page turner. I’m not. I cling desperately to nothingness as if it could somehow fill in all of my empty spaces. This said, the page turned by another hand, I am relieved. I will now be free. Free of this life that has never really made me happy. Free to have new experiences, to find hidden assets in myself I don’t know about yet. I’m afraid because I’m not young, I am qualified for little or nothing, yet I have so much to offer. I am now free to open that door.



  1. H.H.

    Dawn, if that’s you on the red couch, then WOW – wonderful shot!!!! Looks like you want a good spanking. We’re here cheering you on too! ~ Lo & HH

  2. Theo Black

    Like everyone else, my comment is split. First, I would love to do some things to that ass. Second, keep positive and open, and opportunities to do what you want to do will make themselves known. First day of the rest of your life, seriously. xxoo

  3. MySideOfTheStreet

    Your beautiful, love. And, you will see, even the fear becomes motivation. Freedom is a beautiful thing.


  4. dreamlanddancing

    Unfortunately, nothing fills an empty space like Nothingness…the self-fulfilling prophesy…by choosing to embrace The Void, you also choose to embrace and be embraced by everything else that you shut out before. None of us are young anymore, except by virtue of the exhilaration that we can find by living fearlessly. Good luck…you just took the first step

    • pivoine68

      Thank you for accompaning me. Your beautifully accurate comnent made me remember (again!) how much I owe to the blogging community. I dont think I could have made it to this point without all of you.


  5. samesizesoul

    Why did I come back to this particular page? All horizons diminish. But still we cling. You wish someone would ask you an indecent question. But they don’t. From here on in its just the unreliable imagination.

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