RSCN5074 Love is fleeting, Ephemeral. The tide caressing the sand, Leaving as quickly as it arrives. Sex is tangible, Visceral, Quantifiable. At times a faux-semblant of love. Better than nothing, Far better even. Money is necessary, Permitting movement, Giving wings. If you have no love, If you have no sex, money can buy you a ticket. You can be the tide caressing the sand, You can fly away To the place mayflies go.


  1. Benoît Beaudry

    …good text, Dawn… again…

    …money is that thing I never get to see the color of, though… but I like that mayfly analogy anyway; even though I’m not sure where they fly… nah… money can’t buy love… it’s only a system… love? A crazy philosophical concept… maybe… at least, sex is un-conceptual… ah… forget it… let’s drink… you still do?

  2. Accidental Masturbator

    Not sure I agree with you on the ephemeral nature of love.

    I’m impressed by your knowledge of entomology. But I’m afraid I have to be a pedant and point out the pic you’ve used is a Dragonfly, not a Mayfly. They look like this, and are just as beautiful, as are you.

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