Sometimes there is a dark ache in my heart,
And the hurt permeates
Into my bones,
Into the marrow,
Making advancement
Nearly impossible.

I am weak.

When I am in need of courage and strength
Everything that is positive about me
Seems to leak out like nuclear waste
Leaving me spineless
Completely handicapped.

Like a black slug on the sidewalk
Waiting for a handful of salt.

Go ahead, throw it.

I can take it.


  1. Dawn D

    Oh Dawn!
    Come here for a hug. I don’t throw salt, too much of it is bad for your health I’ve been told 😉
    I wish I could help make you see how wonderful the world is. But of course, it’s not always that easy, as I myself seem to go from miserable slug to proud peacock and back in minutes lately…
    We WILL make it. I promise you. We can, and we WILL!

    Big bisous my sweet Dawn.

    • pivoine68

      I believe that you are write. Somehow we will get through this shit and get on with things. In the meantime we can try to write our way out of a hole. Thanks for your hug and your friendship too.

      Bises Grises,

      • Dawn D

        I don’t like the gris on your bises… wishing I could bring some pink and purple and orange and red… Big hug again.
        And yes, let’s write ourselves out of these holes 🙂

  2. 'Tis

    and I’ve deployed my umbrella just in time to block any salt being hurled your way.

    Now, how about a Hug? Smile? Puppy/Kitten? Chocolate? All of the above?

    Thinking of you! xo

    • pivoine68

      Oh ‘Tis, thank you for protecting me from the salt throwers! I do like hugs, smiles, cuddly animals….and especially wine. I don’t think it is really making me any happier these days though. Thanks for your kindness.


  3. Theo Black

    I’d feel bad for this mood you’re in, except it brings on the poetry, so I hope it lasts just long enough… I wish I lived in France; I could find you and lick the salt right off of you.

  4. Jayne

    Start by erasing that last line to throw salt. : ) I know what your feeling though, so slug your mucousy ass on over here and we’ll go sleep the mood away safely under a rock somewhere. : ) love, J

    • pivoine68

      Let’s go!! I can’t seem to find cover….I am looking though. Maybe soon I’ll have a job!!! Money is probably adequate cover for me. Otherwise, how will I drink and smoke? FUCK!


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