Sometimes While Searching For Fireworks

borrowed photo

Sometimes while searching for fireworks
For explosive moment
For someone to detonate the bomb
Hidden cleverly within you
For someone to pull your
Trigger, aching with desire

It is sometimes at this period of searching
That someone offers you
All of those things

Plus, for no additional cost
Something that feels like a warm bath on a cold night
Like a comforting bowl of soup

Fireworks provoke oohs and aahhs
They are less magnificent when you watch them a lot
Sometimes all you really long for
Is a warm bath and a bowl of soup


  1. Dawn D

    Yes, I have lived without fireworks for a long time. I probably could have kept going (even though now I’m glad I didn’t, it’s a pretty nice thing to experience), but it’s the warm baths and bowls of soup that I was missing the most. Granted, I still miss them, but at least now I don’t get drenched in ice-water every day πŸ™‚

    I’m sending you big hugs. We’ll figure it out eventually.

    Dawns Unite! πŸ˜€

    • pivoine68

      I guess I was missing the fireworks the most and I’m afraid that there may be nothing more reliable in putting them out than warm baths and good soup. Shit! Sometimes I wish that I could just concentrate on something else, like getting a job or learning a new language. At least in those endeavors, there is an attainable ending.

      I’m glad you are not getting drenched everyday now too!
      Here’s to figuring things out.

      United Dawns of the Universe!
      Bises πŸ™‚

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