Just an ordinary moment
The earth spinning in it’s usual manner
Nothing really out of the ordinary

It often occurs after drinks and words
Shared in the knowledge
Of what is to come
Yet somehow it startles me every time
Because something as magical
Seems unlikely
I assume that every time is the last
And I am pleasantly surprised
To be mistaken

In the blink of an eye
Reality shifts
Sudden landslide
Out of everyday life
And into something infinitely better

I would like to seize that moment
Confine it briefly into words
To be able to describe it somehow

This is how it feels to me
More or less

Someone has turned off the sound
No more voices
Not even ours
Replaced by a hard bass sound
An amplifier at a concert on a hot summer afternoon
A sound of energy caught in a prism
Seeking release
The lighting changes
Fading in and out
Frantic like strobe lights
We become positives and negatives
An erotic X-ray
Our bodies pulsating
Animated solely by desire

This is only the beginning
Of what is truly extraordinary
Just around the next corner

People on the street continue to go about their business
The earth does not actually stop spinning
Just an ordinary moment



    • pivoine68

      Thanks! I’ve been suffering from verbal constipation lately….I pushed this out and it doesn’t seem to flow like I would like it to. Maybe I need a laxative! Ha!

      Happy Sunday Bisous,

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