And then he said
“Hey lady,
you’d better put a lid on that!”
So she tried
With all her might
To place the lid
Over all that was inside,
Hot, molten things
Boiling up to the surface.

She knew it was useless,
Still she tried
To contain the

But it just kept on rising up,
Boiling over,
Making a fucking mess,
For all to see.


  1. Dawn D

    Well, I’d say stand up, tell him: “Go put a lid on ‘that’, I’m not putting any lid on myself” and go about doing your thing. And who cares if all do see? Of course, that’s me! 🙂
    Hugs! XO

  2. Accidental Masturbator

    I know I’m not the most diligent or dedicated blog reader any more, so I may have missed numerous such offerings, but I challenge you to write a post that is wholly and unmistakably positive.

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