The Position Mission

When it comes to loving me,
Gently pushing
And shoving me,
Slyly hand and
Gloving me,
It is your secret mission
To find the right position
Best-suited for our pleasure,
In this crapulous endeavor.

On my long hands
And bruised knees,
You will enter with such ease,
Guided by my ardent pleas.
You will be in so deep that
We both shall reap.

Flat on my back,
I will cut you no slack,
Though your kisses sometimes
Make me lose track,
Between your crimson lips
and delicate fingers,
Our bliss will surely linger.

Me on top,
I don’t drive.

What I fancy right now
What really fits the bill
Is the remarkably wonderful
Magical Windmill
Limbs flung all over the place,
You are in charge,
You choose your pace.
Any closer to me
You cannot be,
Such is a lovely way
To set us both free.


  1. Greta

    This is a great response to the comment I just left in your next post. I’m cheering for you, next time YOU should drive!

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