Society of Two

It is certainly anachronic
But I could easily pass my lifetime
In your strong embrace.
It is not terribly feminist
But I don’t care
If I ever work another day of my life
So long as you are stroking me
In any direction.

It is quite old-fashioned
But I could be silently happy
Under your approving gaze.

I feel no need
To be an active part of society
Ours is more than enough
To me.

Society of two.


  1. Greta

    This lack of working/career and the need to fill the time with short and sweet bursts of sexual energy is all too familiar!

    • pivoine68

      I know! I suppose that a well-balanced life would have work, sex, family. I have no children, I’m sort of an overgrown child myself really, I have totally blown the, “What am I gonna do with my life?” dilemma, so now I have just been concentrating on sexuality like a crazed weasel because I’m starting to realize that even that won’t be possible forever. ( not every position anyway!)

      Bisous to you Greta,

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