“Feel” Is Also A Four-Letter Word


Your words
Tickled my intellectual nerves
Squeezed my gray matter
You are a crafty brain-fucker
And I feel idiotic, naive,
Like a pretentious teenage girl
Dumped on prom night.

Your hands
Stroked my body offered like a gift
Caressed my fragile onion-skin shell
You are an artisan of desire
And I feel worthless and ugly
Like an unwanted step-child
Thrown in on Christmas Eve.

Your emotions
Wrapped my heart in a golden foil blanket
Bandaged my wounds
You are unfailingly empathetic
And I feel shattered
Like a windshield after a car crash
Desolate on a lonely country road.

Your spirit
Mingled idly with my ancient soul
Danced on occasion with my very essence
And I feel like selling my own shadow
Like someone with nothing left to lose
Empty on a cloudy Saturday in April.

“Feel” is most definitely a four-letter word
To be used with reckless abandon
Or not at all
Like all four-letter words.


      • etoile31

        Oui, évoquer Noël alors que nous voilà à Paques,

        Tu me diras, il y a toujours cette idée de se fourrer au chocolat…….

        Fourrer la Dinde Hein!

        Ou bien Fourrer l’Agneau….. Bah!

        C’est toujours s’en mettre comme on aime…..

        oui, j’ai compris,

        Tu parles de sexe et d’Amour….

        mais bon, moi je sors à peine d’une intoxication de ce genre de saloperies, alors voilà……

        La Paille de Noël me va bien……..

        Tu me diras, la paille du caveau du vendredi saint c’est pas mal non plus……

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