Photo by Nicolas Exposure

Photo by Nicolas Exposure

This text is part of a new series about connections in the modern-day world, how they are made, what they create, how they are lost and broken. All characters are fictional. Any resemblance with real, live human beings is purely coincidental.



She had chosen a table in the corner of a corner on the crowded, sunny terrace. Unforeseen circumstances had caused her to be ten minutes early for her appointment with destiny. As she nestled in to her corner of a corner, she reveled in the oddness of it all. Her loving husband had dropped her off here. She still could not quite get used to his permission of her escapades, although she was the one who had demanded it.

Be careful what you wish for, indeed.

In the country where she had chosen to live, especially in this Mediterranean region of that country, being a woman alone on the terrace of a bar might have gone unnoticed, but her glass of white wine, well outside of meal time, combined with her dizzy height, made her somewhat of a spectacle.There were never really any corners secluded enough to hide her, yet she actively sought them out at all times. She existed in an odd state of duality, desiring approval, fame even, all the while hoping to disappear.

Waiting made  her feel panicky. She had seen some pictures of the man she was meeting, they had spoken briefly. Their connection had taken form on internet. On a site dedicated to the sexually deviant. Maybe deviant is not the appropriate word, it has a derogatory feel to it. “Libertines, Échangistes and Mélangistes.” She especially liked, “mélangiste,” from the verb “mélanger” to mix. She had been a paying member of this site for at least a month before she had noticed this subtitle, probably because whenever she visited the site, she felt like a bewildered rabbit, dashing madly through a clearing during hunting season. This newfound subtitle came as a relief to her because she was not certain to be keen on having sex with a couple or a group and was afraid that she had launched herself down the wrong street somehow. Again! “To mix,” that suited her perfectly! It seemed to be a less rigid definition to her. She was not interested in codes and titles. She just wanted to explore sexuality in general. If she had already known what it was she was searching for, if she already belonged to some sort of group, she doubted that she would need to run across that clearing in the first place.

Like a shooting star on a black August night, a frightening realization darted through her mind and disappeared. The idea that one day, luck would not be so clement with her, that the probability was great that on one of these encounters, a man she had misjudged might rapidly knock out one of her pearly white teeth, call her a dirty whore, or worse. Far worse. She dismissed this unpleasant idea as quickly as she had thought of it. A man who looked a lot like the photos she had received walked by, searching, but not far enough into the corner of the corner where she silently assessed the situation.



  1. Dawn D

    This is a very well written, totally fictional piece.
    Who knows, fame may come to its author as well as to the heroin!
    I’m looking forward to reading the rest. 🙂

    • Dawn D

      Oh, and beautiful picture. I want to massage that back, feel the softness of the flesh underneath my hands, my fingers sliding around the curves… *shakes her head* Right, I’ve got to get back to my senses!

      • Dawn D

        I’m glad to hear that you’re not all that depressing in real life. I mean, I’m glad for you that is 🙂
        Because frankly, this space here is your outlet. If what you need to vent is your sad feelings, then so be it!
        You write so well that it’s a pleasure to read your posts anyhow!

      • pivoine68

        You are making me blush! 🙂

        Sex is what I want to write about, although I suppose it’s not a very original topic. Somehow I always end up writing about sadness, which is bleak and redundant….mainly I just want to be rich and famous! 🙂

        Passe une belle et douce soiree! Je vais me coucher…j’ai les yeux qui se croissent au milieu. C’est la vieillesse qui me guette! Bises!

      • Dawn D

        Tu deviens rouge comme une pivoine? 🙂
        Why do you say sex is not a very original topic? It was to me just a few months ago!
        Of course, in this arena, it may not be, we’re all sex bloggers or interested in reading about sex. Which doesn’t mean we are not interested in other things as well. And your approach to writing about sex is quite novel, so don’t feel you are getting lost in a sea of sex writers. You very much stand out. Who knows, you may just become rich and famous 🙂
        No it’s not old age, it’s just having worked at your post for too long! My eyes aren’t doing much better. I’ve worked at three posts today. But at least I was able to process a few things, and should be ready to publish soon 🙂
        Douce nuit ma belle.

      • pivoine68


        I’ve heard that since, “50 Shades,” which I didn’t read, erotica writers are sprouting up like mushrooms under trees. That doesn’t make a difference though really. I like sex for its universality. In many ways, I think that there is nothing more important.

        BTW….si tu te couches avant dix heure du soir, il y a toutes des chances de se retrouver bien réveiller à 3h du mat!!! Arrrghhh! Cycle merdique!

      • Dawn D

        You didn’t miss much with 50 shades. Don’t get me wrong, I read it a few times over 😉 It’s a nice documentary, and I always liked suspense books, so mix kinky sex in there, I’m going to read it! But it’s far from being a good piece of literature! Your writing is much nicer. God, I’m sure even I could come up with nicer ways to describe an erect penis!
        And I agree, in many ways, getting in touch with one’s sexuality is like getting in touch with one’s inner self. What could be more important? 🙂

      • pivoine68

        Euh….nothing? 🙂 I don’t think everyone feels that way about it though. Or maybe they feel anxious in their lives and they can’t figure out what itch to scratch. We are light years ahead! Ha!

        I saw the author of “50 Shades,” on television and she was embarrassed by the success of her book. She didn’t think that it was particularly well-written either. Lucky! She was just dinking around and hit it big! My dream!


        PS: I filled out the email request again and it worked! Hallelujah!

      • Dawn D

        Yeah for the email!!!
        We are indeed light years ahead of so many people. I’ll keep saying that to myself 🙂

    • pivoine68

      I’m trying to turn over a new leaf. I want to work on condensation….but it’s really difficult. Less words with more meaning. Hell, I even lose myself in my tales, plus I’ve read here that it is preferable to limit posts to 500 words If you’re hoping anyone will read them. I know that that isn’t necessarily true as I do read long posts….

      And I’m aiming for more climactic moment and less tear drops! 🙂

      Bisous Cara,

  2. Hyacinth

    Brilliant mix of truth and fiction, Sweet Dawn. Your imagery, as always, takes my breath away.

    Also, I was just thinking, “Why don’t they just switch to French?” at exactly the moment you two did 🙂 xx Hy

    • pivoine68

      Merci Ma Belle! I think I will enjoy writing about new topics! Spring is bringing many changes, which is a relief. Heartbreak was even starting to bore me! Lol! 🙂

      Bises par milliers,

    • pivoine68

      Oh G! It’s good being on top again today! Plus I think your comment is the only thing that has made me smile all day. Thank you! Flattery makes me giddy with happiness! (I first wrote “gush,” and then I changed my mind.)

      Big Bisous,

      • G

        And then I’m off to previous posts and feeling like I can’t gush enough about you. You sing your heart songs with such passion, embrace that catharsis you work so hard for in writing. I mean, you are doing a good job expressing yourself here and remember not many are able to do so eloquently and in such gripping ways. Pat yourself on the back for that, and the progress you’ve made in reaching for what is best for you. xoxo
        (see you made me totally gushy)

      • pivoine68

        Such a beautiful compliment from such a beautiful person! I am stunned and at a loss for words. Thank you so much! Now I’m not only gushing I’m misty too!

        Biggest Bisous,

      • etoile31

        Pah! Pah! Pah!

        J’ai transmis votre billet à une A-Mie……

        de Pas-Sage……


        à l’Issue duquel je me sens comme….:

        “a fisherman’s line under the weight of a large, cold fish”

        Et mort plus concrètement….

      • pivoine68

        On est tous des amis de passage en somme. C’était mon billet ou l’amie qui te donne une impression de mort? Moi, je me sens comme la ligne, pas le poisson. Tendue. Mais pas toujours.

        Dawn, pas-sage toujours.

      • etoile31

        Disons que je me sens oppressé,

        comme un roti bourré d’ail,

        et ficelé dans une cocoote minute,

        où il n’y a plus d’eau,

        Le gas plein tube sous la cocotte,

        et la taulière qui s’est barrée,

        se faire gamahucher chez le voisin, quoi……

        C’est l’A-mie qui me colle cette impression morbide…..

        Un état plus qu’une impression, cela dit……

        [Mode Dépression:ON]

        Cé la Merde!

      • pivoine68

        Sors vite de cette cocotte minute Henri! Une fois lancé sur cette pente, trop dure d’arrêter la descente. (Je ne sais pas qu’est-ce que c’est, gamahucher. Mais j’imagine. )

      • etoile31

        Oui, Google te fournira forcément des photos,

        des vidéos, des articles de presses, des cartes, toussa,

        sur cette pratique

        bien franchaise,

        entre voisins…..

        (Cé que de l’Entraide, Hein! Rien de plus, bien sûr!!!)

        T’es mignonne, toi,

        on voit bien

        que tu t’es jamais retrouvée dans une cocotte mintute fermée….. Tè! cé malin……

        Tu sais ce que c’est au moins, une cocotte munite SEB…..?

        Ha oui, t’es une Englishe toi!

        Ca mange que de la viande bouillie avec de la confiture d’orange les Zenglishes, cé ça non….?


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