Never-Ending Ending

Our story
I had guessed the ending
From the first page
Yet I chose to keep on reading
I really love to read

Our story
Gave me a fragrant whiff
Of something
That smelled like hope

The ending of our story
As incredibly predictable
As it was completely shocking
A déjà-vu really

Heartbreak is unbearably banal
Yet it still hurts
Understatement of the year

Now you use our story
That sad, tattered little book of us
Under a short table leg
To steady her glass
Or maybe between the washer and the wall
To keep down the vibration
While you are fucking her
On a rapid spin-cycle

Then again
You must make love to her
I guess you were
Just fucking me
That was all I wanted
And then I loved you
By accident


    • pivoine68

      Mais non Henri! Je suis déjà mariée et je ne cherche en aucun cas l’amour. Je le fuis comme la peste ou la galle!

      Bises sans amour,

      • etoile31

        Ha bah! manque juste les gosses quoi! Sinon pour le “reste,n on peut le faire au choix:
        -constat d’accident à l’amiable
        -constat/rapport de police (ce qui ferait un peu constat d’adultère, Pouah!)

      • etoile31

        Té ça y est…., Nous en parlions,

        il y a même pas une Lune, un cycle,

        et voilà que je viens d’être frappé par celui, ci,

        Enfin, traversé, quoi…..

        Pénétré, habité,

        Ho puis merde,

        comme on voudra…..

        Ni la Peste,

        ni la Galle,

        Ni le Choléra….

        Le truc qui te dévaste, quoi!

    • pivoine68

      Oh this is a ridiculous kind of heartache that should have already dwindled itself down into an insignificant sad feeling. I’ve been trying like crazy to put it out of my mind through drinking huge amounts of wine and having random sexual encounters with total strangers but so far…it is as fucking persistent as a virus. When I get tired or nervous or anxious, it reappears like a cold sore. Hopefully (obviously) this too will pass. Thanks for the love!

      Je t’embrasse,

      • Dawn D

        I totally understand the ‘as persistent as a virus’. I’ve been struggling with some sort of virus for the past 3 weeks it feels like. Unfortunately, we don’t choose how we feel, whether physically for me, or emotionally for you. Yes, I’m sure eventually this too shall pass. I’m not convinced the huge amount of alcohol helps much, but that’s just me being me! As I said, I can always hold your glass while you lean towards my shoulder and have a good cry. You can rest assured the glass will remain untouched, and hopefully the good cry will help you :-/
        Je t’embrasse bien fort.

      • pivoine68

        I thank you for leaving my glass untouched and putting up with my river of tears…I am often afraid of drowning myself! 🙂 Don’t forget your life-jacket!

        I hope you feel better soon. I hate being sick.

        Je t’embrasse aussi,

  1. Theo Black

    This is so well done, Dawn. The book under the table leg is a fantastic image. So sorry for the aspect of this that is deeper than art, but that’s what happens when you have feelings.

    • pivoine68

      I kind of want to say, “Feeling SuCk!” but I don’t really think that.

      It’s funny, I couldn’t remember the word “wedge,” which I eventually found in the dictionary…I don’t like the sound of it so I left it out. If I ever get Alzheimer’s, I won’t be able to speak French anymore. Hopefully my vocabulary in English would come back. I have lost words. I have lost often. Fuck!

      Thanks for being here Théo my friend.


      • Theo Black

        Just today it took me about 10 minutes to remember the word ___________. Shit, I can’t remember what word it was.

      • etoile31

        @théo Black: Allume la Lumière! – Turn the Lights…… or Open yours eyes….., Yeah! Rastaman Vibrations, Ho You says!

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