Fuck Me Into A Coma

Something about the imploring look in his eyes made her feel vaguely furious. His desire to please her was for some reason incredibly irritating. When he asked her in a soft voice destined to be seductive, “What do you like? What do you want me to do?” she felt anger rising up in her chest and had to swallow fiercely to keep the ugly feeling contained within her. She wanted to lash out, to hurt her new suitor who’s only goal was to satisfy her.”Do you want me to lick you?” he asked with the innocent grin of an adolescent. Although she was well aware of the fact that much of sexuality resides in conversation, that talking beforehand about each other’s needs can certainly help things along, this questionnaire of his was making her come unglued.

She didn’t feel at all pretty or desirable. She felt like an empty hole needing to be filled. It took all the self-control she could muster up to keep herself from saying, “Listen, I don’t want a shoulder massage, I don’t particularly care if you want to go down on me or not. What I am yearning for is for you to fuck me into a coma. Fuck me until I am clinically brain-dead. Fuck me like you have never fucked anyone else before, fuck me into deep oblivion, into a painless state of being. Fuck me until I am numb and can no longer think. Fuck me until I stop hurting and stop crying and stop scurrying about like an idiotic, overgrown mouse! Fuck me until the sadness inside of me flows out like lava onto the silky sheets and magically disappears.” That was what she wanted to say.

But instead, she just said, “Do whatever makes you happy.”


    • pivoine68

      It can be really difficult sometimes! Thanks for appreciating my literary endeavors! I am planning on finding myself a copy of “Elements of Style” in order to make sure that I am
      not making too many serious blunders. I had one in an earlier English-speaking life but I guess I lost it. C’est la vie!

      Bisous Mr. Passions,

  1. Benoît Beaudry

    Pffhaha… I will not claim to be Ben The Great Master Of Sex, but after two or three tries in my young days (ouch, to say this expression sure hurts) I at least mastered quite well the lesson number one: Don’t ask, do something!

  2. Benoît Beaudry

    Oh, and, I put some music to my brand new song: Cold-ass World
    I think I will record it at the start of next month. But it is more rock than country-punk now, I’ll let you know. Ciao!

    And of course, thank you for another fine text of yours.

    • pivoine68

      Cool! I can’t wait to hear it, get famous along with you and roll in the cashola!
      Thanks for taking the time to read my fine text. 🙂 Using the “F” word is great for your stats, by the way. I should have thought of that sooner!


      • Benoît Beaudry

        Interesting idea about the stats, maybe I should put the “F” word in more song titles I’m about to do.

        Like imagine, if, let’s say, Elvis Presley; an already crazily popular guy, had thought of that trick… imagine the monster success!

        F*** me tender
        Jailhouse F***
        F*** around the clock
        A Big Hunk o’ F***
        Are You Lonesome To F***
        Burning F***


      • Benoît Beaudry

        🙂 You’re right. At one point, the guy went on tv to sang a song and dance a little. But the crew filmed It only from the waist up to not offend anyone! And then, he got the moniker Elvis the Pelvis. No F*** word there, just dancing… We’ve come a long way since then it seems.

        Have a nice day, Dawn

  3. Dawn D

    Great post Dawn. I just hope she does get to say it sometime… because really, it’s important to say what you want too… Not to want to please the other all the time. If you don’t take care of yourself, you cannot expect someone else to do it for you! I just learned that the hard way too. Hopefully in this new life, I don’t make the same mistake again 🙂
    Great post. And see, using some R-rated words isn’t all that bad, really 😉
    Je t’embrasse

    • pivoine68

      Hi Dawn D!
      Yeah, I’ve pretty much learned that the hard way too, although this post is fictive…sort of. I loved watching my stats fly by using the “F” word, but then again I doubt that Sylvia Plath ever did that and she still became famous. I have nothing against sticking my head in an oven either. That was a bad joke. I once posted a blurry photo of me in the shower and that worked too. Sex sells. No one usually even realizes that that is what I write about! LOL!


      Je t’embrasse,

      • etoile31

        Oui, enfin, pour des mondanités, ça passe……, mais il est vrai que les traces sont alors légères……, du coup cela laisse le goût du Superficiel, tout en suscitant le Désir de plus loin, plus en avant…..

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