Expressions Of My Desire

The dull thud of the music, the flashing light rattled her brain. Far too many bodies coming in and out of her field of vision, like so many snow flakes falling silently onto the windshield of her consciousness on that lonely, deserted road. The blizzard of flesh continued to cascade onto her body through her lonely headlights, dissolving like crushed ice on her warm, rosy tongue. His hand, first barely audible above the roar of the throbbing masses, became something like a scream at the unclear place between her thigh and the round curve of her ass. A shiver took hold of her. Had she never photographed her own body, she would have been completely unaware of the presence nestled there between her legs, seen from behind. As a child, she had imagined a simple absence, a void, yet now she was well aware of the swollen mass of her own sexuality, throbbing rhythmically, a swollen echo of the multitude of desires around her.

His strong hand pulled her near him. His fingers brushed furtively over that space, both empty and full, making her silently ache. A soft sound rose up in her throat and spewed out from between her lips, unheard by the anonymous dancers surrounding her, unheard by him as well. She reveled in the solitude one can find in a crowd, lost in the mute chaos of need, even in close proximity to another human being. He lingered there at the junction between her ass and what lied between for an unquantifiable amount of time, between one second and one thousand desperate years. She yearned for him to stop and to continue, to advance and to back up all at once. His hand touched her, as if his action was somewhat of an accident, without intent or purpose. Then his fingers slid gently under the elastic band of her panties.


      • Benoît Beaudry

        🙂 Hi! Good text, again.

        Do you think I could borrow this last bit of your sentence, where you say: the cold-ass world we live in? To put in a sort of country-punk song I’m working on?

        I must say that I have zero money to pay for, though, as I’m poorer than a dog… but I could give credit or a link back if I do something with it someday? Or maybe I could do something else for you? Well… I mean, something possible in this other cold-ass world… the virtual one! 😉

      • Benoît Beaudry

        Hi Dawn, have my words been misinterpreted or something? I really just want to know if you think I could borrow the line: the cold-ass world we live in; that you put in the above comment?

        Because it would fit perfectly in a song I’m working on. Just a yes or no would be appreciated. No big deal. If not, I’ll rethink of another line, that’s all.

        Thank you and have a nice day.

      • pivoine68

        Oops! I forgot about that. Sometimes I reply in my head and then it seems like I wrote. Sorry about that. Of course you can use that line! If the song becomes a world-wide hit, we can drink champagne together!


      • Benoît Beaudry

        Champagne; in the company of a good writer like you? I’ll do my best with the song then!

        But don’t cross your fingers, though; there’s pretty close to zero chances of a world-wide success… hey, it’s a cold-ass world afterall!

        (Or… well… do what you want with your fingers…
        Oops! Bad me, bad me, bad me…
        Maybe I’m still stuck in one of your text or something?)

        🙂 Ben

      • pivoine68

        Cool! Maybe you can post it on your blog! I don’t think I’ve ever heard a country punk rock song. I think I like that idea.

        I write with my fingers, Silly! 😉

      • Benoît Beaudry

        The song will go up on my blog someday, but when exactly is still very uncertain; could be in a week, could be in a year… but it will show up at some point… I’ll share you the link if you’re still around when I’ll do…

        And, you know, I don’t have a single clue as to what I’m doing with my music! I just like making noises; from smooth to loud. Sometimes, it turns in a smooth folk ballad or an absolutely furious heavy delirium… I just go with the flow…

        Bye 🙂

      • Benoît Beaudry

        What?!! We are not already famous?!!

        Hey, I have at least 3 or 4 people liking my blog entries each time I post one, you know… damn… you’re right… it’s almost like talking to myself at this point…

      • pivoine68

        I am getting quite familiar with that feeling. Sometimes when I click, “Publish!” I hear an echo…it’s heartbreaking. Luckily I have wine. 🙂

  1. Dawn D

    This sent shivers and warmth shooting through my body at the same time…
    I too loved the sentence ‘between one second and one thousand desperate years’. But my favourite one must be the very last one… All those things it promises… 🙂

  2. Neal A. Gray

    This was yummy,,,like Champagne, Cocaine and Oysters for Valentines Day.. Will you be mine this year my sweet?

  3. etoile31

    Ouch! Ben voilà, je pressentais que cela me donnerait chaud,; c’est gagné…….,

    Qui plus est concommitent, de certaine manière à des échanges textuels, via textos, dans l’esprit de “As a child, she had imagined a simple absence, a void, yet now she was well aware of the swollen mass of her own sexuality, throbbing rhythmically, a swollen echo of the multitude of desires around her”,

    oui, voilà! Ouch!,

    Mais Bah! pas vraiment étonnant non plus, sinon que quand même il y a de ces connexions parfois….., Arf!

      • etoile31

        Heu! Oui, et justement, Bercy s’y intéresse……. un système non couvert par le traitement fiscal des échanges aussi sophistiqué (oui, kéké) que le notre, cé terminé ça…….. NonMé! Vu une contrôleuse des services fiscaux, qui m’a confié en être aux derniers réglages des paramètres pour les bases, les taux, les assiettes, les décotes, le machin, toussa… dernier hic, c’est la mesure des hormones, qui contribuent pour beaucoup à ce que vous-même relevez (on y vient, on y vient….)sur le poids (et pas que!), de cette niche (oui, je sais)….. En effet, lorsque chez une Femme (la niche), les hormones grimpent dans le chignon, les tableaux de bord, disjonctent, déjantent, etc…..

        Je me disais, Toi: Jane, Moi; Tarzan….., tu pourrais pas me planquer des hormones…..?

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