The Irresistible Lure of Danger II

Or…The Ins and Outs of My New Hobby

My new internet pastime rubs a bit against my grain. The creators of my exchangiste website are really crafty fuckers in my opinion. Everything about the site seems to be designed to throw you (me) off balance. On Facebook, a person can silently stalk all of the possibilities and often get a pretty clear picture of the person he or she is watching. For the most part on Facebook, I have never actually stalked anyone beforehand….it is more so in the gnarly aftermath that I have already been obligated (by myself) to deactivate my account. Things can really get quite ugly. I can waste amazing amounts of time engaging in this rather pathetic type of behavior. I cannot say that I live the BDSM lifestyle, I am not at all excited by the idea of being gagged and bound, but I do have strong tendencies to hurt myself at every given opportunity. A natural-born masochist. Since I am well aware of this facet of my personality, I usually try to save myself….from myself. My own worst enemy really.

The tricky thing about this site is that once you are connected, everyone else who is connected as well can see you. If they are looking, I mean. There is a chat corner that starts flashing like mad when you connect. I never look at the chat messages. I do not chat. I need time to be sure I am not making spelling mistakes, also to be certain that what I have written is really what I want to say. There is a place where you can write a testimonial about your  new partner in crime. That part reminds me of Trip Advisor or Expedia and makes me smile. You have the choice concerning posting a “rating” you receive about yourself, they do too. In the same way I might choose a hotel, I do tend to read these spicy little paragraphs. I figure that if someone has twenty critiques of their exploits, it is less likely that he is a serial killer. And that probably he is well-endowed and has stamina, which is always a good thing as far as I’m concerned. (It is true, I am naïve. But so far my selections have proved to be unexpectedly gratifying.)

There is a place for your photos and videos that can be made public or private, you have the choice with whom you feel like sharing them. I have no photos whatsoever there and I am mystified by how many men will chase after mysterious prey that they have never seen before. Then again the men I have actually met did catch a glimpse of me before actually meeting me. I suppose that there are more men than women in these sites. Like in bars. Maybe in some respects men care less about physical appearances than women do. I care about my own appearance more than I do about the physique of a sexual partner. Sometimes you really cannot judge a book by its cover. I am enjoying the thrill of the unknown…it really is amazingly exciting!


  1. Theo Black

    This is so scary and exciting to read. Be careful while you’re getting your world rocked, sweetheart.

    • pivoine68

      Oops…I hope that this doesn’t appear twice. I am having technical difficulties. What I already said was, I am thrilled to now be, “scary and exciting” as I was “sad, depressing and vaguely erotic” for so long. I think that I have been waiting for this all my life! Cool.

      Je t’embrasse,

      PS: Maybe this year, I’ll be in the Top 100! 😉 I have already been quite miffed two years in a row.

    • pivoine68

      Oh Noodle! I am spreading them so much wider, flying so much higher than I ever have before. It is exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. The great thing is…no more tearful mornings. That alone makes taking the risk worth it to me.

      When you come here to visit me, I can introduce you to my new finds. Artists! Masters we wouldn’t notice on the street. Life really is a beautiful gift. Sometimes anyway! 😉

      Bisous Douce Noodle!

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