Velvet Slipper-A Modern Day Cinderella Story Minus The Happy Ending

“I think happy endings lack artistic depth.”

Image borrowed from an unknown internet source. DeviantArt?

Image borrowed from an unknown internet source. DeviantArt?

Once upon a time, in a foreign land covered with palm trees and apartment buildings, splattered with tourists clad in Bermuda shorts and black socks there lived a willowy damsel in distress. Although she was not unattractive and rather intelligent, well aware of her good fortune to live such an idle life, she was also somehow an eternally sad step-daughter, a sullen high school student, a melancholic wife. Her life seemed to be a long stream of drudgery, filled for the most part with empty time and meaningless scurrying around without reason. She passed most of her days sipping wine and dreaming about happiness. Not the best recipe for bliss, nonetheless…

Although she appeared to be complacent on surface, she harbored a fierce desire for rebellion. Due to an incredible accident of fate, similar to finding an attaché case filled with cash next to a derailed train, all possible witnesses mangled, our modern-day Cinderella sensed a sudden breach in her own self-imprisonment. A small rabbit hole under the gate towards a world she hadn’t even imagined up until that point. A world where primal urges were placed first, where lust was far more important than the evening meal. She knew a period of physical fulfillment that she long before lost all hope of ever finding. Prior to this time she had known such bitter disappointments that she was incredibly leery of her newfound rapture. She nearly ruined her own big moment because she was so terrified of it coming to an end. But she didn’t ruin it. She lived it with her arms wide open, her throbbing heart, so vulnerable and all the same, she was for a minute or two anyway, not even afraid of the aftermath.

(I nearly forgot about the Velvet Slipper!)

Cinderella knew that in times of this magnitude, a Louboutin glass slippers with 8 centimeter heels and lovely red soles were almost mandatory, but seeing as how she was a bit awkward, she felt much more at ease with her warm, soft Velvet Slipper. Prince Charming was filling her Velvet Slipper in such a perfect way, with such enthusiasm, she felt as if she might explode from her own happiness. He was filling that Slipper from behind, from the front, from every angle she had ever dreamed of and several she hadn’t even conjured up in her crafty little mind. Cinderella and her Inviting Slipper were having the times of their lives!

Suddenly, in the midst of the festivities which were however starting to dwindle away like money in your wallet at Christmas time, the clock struck midnight. The fireworks ended as quickly as they had begun, leaving Cinderella flattened in a parking lot next to a nuclear power plant with a leak. She was fairly certain that her life had come to an end, that she would simply stop breathing  from her own underestimated self-will alone. And then, for some reason, she kept on living. She began an intensive search. She refused to leave her Slipper empty. She would search high and low, leaving no stone unturned until she found a new perfect fit for her echoing, vacant Velvet Slipper.

The End.


    • pivoine68

      Thank you! Once I had already posted it, my brain started overflowing with other stuff I could have said…I almost made myself laugh out loud.

      I love this image! I appreciate you filling me in because I feel like a jerk when I steal. Once I posted a ladybug picture on here and I got a “Cold Chill” message from WP informing you of the risks you are exposing yourself too….I was like, “Fuck!” so I took it off but I would be infuriated beyond reason to find anything I have ever written with some other guys name under it.

      I’m going to check her out! Merci!

      Je t’aime aussi et toujours,

    • Accidental Masturbator

      I’d forgotten the voluptuous wonders of Holli Would. How horny is that dance sequence – I love the way the animator has take the time to make her tits jiggle and bounce just a little! Awesome, thanks Fatal.

    • pivoine68

      Sad moments lead me to writing far more often than the good times. I guess this must give my blog a blue feeling but I’m not always a total neurotic mess. Just most of the time! =)

      Bises to you My Noodle!

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