What I Love About Penetration

Foreplay, preliminary games we play, working each other up, tripping each other’s clutch, pulling each other’s trigger…yeah, I love that too but,

What I Love About Penetration Is:

…I am plagued by a strange sensation of detachment. Or maybe I actively put myself in floating mode, a part of society, of life itself but somehow never really touching it. I tend to circle around human relationships like a moth around a light-bulb. I am simultaneously drawn to the glow and quite aware that getting too close will not be of any use. Penetration (of the sexual kind) always takes me by surprise. Not that I don’t see it coming. It is maybe the only physical act that really pins me down onto the map of the world. (Lovely thumb-tack BTW) I imagine a small sign above my head, “You are here.” And I am. Completely in the moment.

Through penetration, I feel like my status of driftwood is transformed. As if someone has seen what is beautiful in me, brushes me off and has chosen to take me home. Proudly displayed on the coffee table. As if, a pink balloon set free with a message inside, I have blown straight into the hands of the person chosen to receive my message. A green bottle corked containing an SOS note, I have washed up onto the shore where local authorities will soon be on their way to rescue me. 

This all remains quite nebulous, all of this tethering down, anchoring, because when I actually am being hammered, pounded, whatever, the whole process is both an attachment and a release. I cannot say that I am all that active in the whole deal. I don’t know any special tricks or anything. This often worries me, that I am too sexually passive. A sort of glutton. I crave that intimacy, with someone else of course but also I long to be so close to myself.


  1. jayne

    Maybe some things and some people are not and never will be of this world. Maybe you were meant to only touch the earth very once in a while because you are of heaven and earth. You’re more real to me than many with words like these. I think what you express is connection. I loved this. kisses kisses kisses, Jayne

      • jayne

        Way better than “hot air balloon”!!! What the hell were you thinking’ ? Haven’t you learned , we can be anything we want – especially here! (I haven’t found what I want to be yet so you’re ahead of me girl!

      • pivoine68

        Let’s be James Bond Girls together! We will wear exceptionally short skirts, no panties, we will have impressive breasts and high cheekbones…

        Either that or Nebulous Beauties, which we already are. When I was little I dreamed of being a flight attendant. Even as a child I understood the importance of mini-gin bottles galore! 🙂 Plus I loved the cool hats they wore back in those days.

        Bye my friend, I’m being beckoned by my spouse…
        It’s either that or divorce. Which might not be a bad option really. (Can I stay with you? Just kidding!)

      • jayne

        Bye – I better go find a trainer if I’m going to be wearing a mini skirt. Wait – can we be bond girls for the visually impaired? We’ll work it out later. Adieu

      • Accidental Masturbator

        If you’re both gonna be Bond girls, can I be 007, accompanied by Pussy Galore?
        And if not can I be a band groupie for Nebulous Beauties, grateful for the validation of cheap meaningless sex between the last encore and alcohol field self distraction at venues across the country.

  2. Neal A. Gray

    I have always considered penetration in various ways – as a muse for example (the only female who penetrates) and as eldest son (my rank) At times I find you connfusing Dawn- but I understand what you feel. – it reminds me of being quite young – I had a similar take at around 16-18 yrs old – but can’t really relate at this point Sun is one of the eight doubled trigrams. It is the eldest daughter that symbolizes wind or wood; it has for its attribute gentleness, which nonetheless penetrates like the wind or like growing wood with its roots.

    The dark principle, in itself rigid and immovable, is dissolved by the penetrating light principle, to which it subordinates itself in gentleness. In nature, it is the wind that disperses the gathered clouds, leaving the sky clear and serene. In human life it is penetrating clarity of judgment that thwarts all dark hidden motives. In the life of the community it is the powerful influence of a great personality that uncovers and breaks up those intrigues which shun the light of day.


    THE GENTLE. Success through what is small. It furthers one to have somewhere to go. It furthers one to see the great man.

    Penetration produces gradual and inconspicuous effects. It should be effected not by an act of violation but by influence that never lapses. Results of this kind are less striking to the eye than those won by surprise attack, but they are more enduring and more complete. If one would produce such effects, one must have a clearly defined goal, for only when the penetrating influence works always in the same direction can the object be attained. Small strength can achieve its purpose only by subordinating itself to an eminent man who is capable of creating order.


    Winds following one upon the other: The image of THE GENTLY PENETRATING. Thus the superior man Spreads his commands abroad And carries out his undertakings.

    The penetrating quality of the wind depends upon its ceaselessness. This is what makes it so powerful; time is its instrument. In the same way the ruler’s thought should penetrate the soul of the people. This too requires a lasting influence brought about by enlightenment and command. Only when the command has been assimilated by the people is action in accordance with it possible. Action without preparation of the ground only frightens and repels.

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