• pivoine68

      I love flower pictures…I didn’t have any orange poppy pictures because I don’t have any in my yard. Life is really a long road. I’m a shitty driver.


    • pivoine68

      You are sweet Théo! I feel bad because you have missed my more erotic period. Now you must think that I’m always depressing! Go back a month or two. 😉


  1. MaríMar

    I thought I commented here.
    *scratches head*
    I love this flower pic of yours. It’s so pretty but then again I am partial to flower pics.

      • MaríMar

        I think I commented in my head. lol
        I am always being pulled away so I probably was going to and never did… It’s all good. 🙂

      • pivoine68

        That always happens to me too! 🙂 So many distractions keeping us from our literary talents! I’d like about 5 days alone to read/write….and anything else that could happen! A sexy plumber? lol! xoxo

      • MaríMar

        I am liking the sexy plumber idea you put in my head. 🙂
        That will be one welcomed distraction. 🙂

  2. rheath40

    Honey, you’ll never be able to plant them. Give them to a friend. When they bloom, they will remind you of him, but you’ll be able to walk away. You’ll not have to view them in your own yard. Take care, Love.

    • pivoine68

      You are right. For now I’d like to burn my seeds, my garden, my everything. But then again, I do love flowers.

      Thank you for reminding me Sweet Blog Friend. 🙂


      • rheath40

        No burning of the seeds, gardens or everything my love. It is like burning a bridge and then trying to walk across it again. You won’t be able to. And you know that from time to time you’ll want to. You’ll need to.

        I understand your need to do this though. Take care of yourself my Sweet Blog Friend. I’m rooting for you.

        Love, Renee

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