My Response

Oh you would love bending me over, spreading me open like a round juicy peach. You would love my inviting ass and you would love thrusting your big dick into me as if there was nothing else on this earth that mattered. The obscenity of my posture would linger in your mind for months afterwards. You would think of how wet and welcoming I was and then you would smile to yourself.

I would love it because you would be so incredibly deep inside me. I would love your hands pulling my hips, opening me until you could open me no further, you diving into me like a man dying of thirst in the desert when he finds an oasis, a little pond to save you. I would love hearing the sounds you make and feeling you at the critical moment when you are about to come and when you come in hot spurts and I would love afterwards laying in your strong arms where I would rest peacefully.


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