1. Cruel Intentions

    Yes aren’t they. Dirty mother fuckers that they are. Why don’t they just fuck off and let you enjoy yourself.
    Maybe they weren’t really the cure?

    Tiny kisses little cabbage

  2. jayne

    That is so true – bypassing the real issue can lead you right to the quicksand and briar patches. That’s why I’m slowly suffocating the problem. I don’t like those things following me and infecting my future fun. BUT that’s what I think and then sometimes, a whole new side of the problem pops up. Keep it moving girl – just keep it moving!

    • pivoine68

      I like the idea of suffocating problems Jayne. Let’s look for a last plastic bag, left from another era!
      You are quite right about moving, once you really sit down and think of it all, yer fucked!

      Je t’embrasse,
      Dawn, Misery Queen

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