Free Refills

I must admit

I was feeling less

Were there


but, I suppose that there is a lot to be said for planting your own garden, finding satisfaction in things that don’t come from the outside. I know this yet I am continuously stuffing myself in hopes that I might somehow be able to cheat the system. To be able to feel good, period. I get there sometimes. I drink. Heavily. When I can muster up the self-confidence necessary, I discover enthusiastic people who are more than willing to fill me in ways that I will leave to your discernment. I am a big fan of the Quick Fix, but of course even I know that this type of relief leads me nowhere. Similar to, “Two steps forward, three steps back,” really. I try to convince myself that the beauty of existence resides in this path, filled to the brim with emptiness and uncertainty. That this is not only my challenge but everyone’s challenge.


  1. Trenton Babbage Enterprises

    Hello Alice Thierry – if indeed that is your real name – I see no real problem in essence in looking for satisfaction outside the self; stuff yourself by all means! But you do need a voice from the outside telling you you’re worth it, that you’re beautiful; you do have to believe it however; believe it as a pure statement of fact and not attach it to anything fleeting or as an ulterior motive. I say all this of course, as an absolute expert!

    Free compliment bisous.

    • pivoine68

      Hello Trenton…
      No, that is not my real name. I have a strong tendency to be vaguely hysterical. In French, that makes a sort of word game, à l’hystérie. Repeat it five times rapidly and you may hear it. Or not! 🙂

      I think that one needs to be solid on the inside, regardless of what there is to see on the outside. Otherwise, one is nothing more than an empty perfume bottle or something similar.

      I always enjoy hearing from experts! Thank you for your compliment and your input.

      Expert Bisous,

      • Trenton Babbage Enterprises

        I did hear it…I like it…an empty perfume bottle you are not! And I don’t know if one wants to be too solid on the inside; a little give and malleability allows us to grow, and if we’ve gone a little down a suspect road we can make our way back.

        Stretch Armstrong bisous.

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