She lies still on her bed, listening to the gentle buzz of the ceiling fan above her. A sort of heaviness in the air announces the onset of a late afternoon storm. She imagines cattle, gathered together at fence post corners in some far away countryside, swatting away flies with their long tails. The pervading heat seems as if it’s about to burst open, setting free the trapped cool, fresh air. Through the half-closed shutters, light sparkles on her body. Shadows whirl across her nakedness like so many tiny dervishes.

She loves the feeling of his body lightly spooning her own. His solidity. Fingers caress her soft tummy furtively, seeking approval quickly granted. She feels so far away from the concrete aspects of life.  She is gliding effortlessly through the air and she remembers swinging behind her house when she was a child. How she loved going higher and higher, gaining momentum. She experiences the same sensation as the inquisitive hand explores regions whose names make her think of landscapes, small countries, floral designs. A subtle change of tempo makes her catch her breath, a sudden change of pressure makes her cry out and in a gentle spasm, all that binds her to this universe loses it’s meaning. There is only this moment. This fleeting, incredible feeling.  She is so grateful to him!

But then she remembers, he isn’t there at all.


      • jayne

        OH NO – I don’t like to see a bunch of strangers walking around, eyes diverted, focused on getting dressed or talking with someone while everything is hanging out. No thank you. I’ll take the patio any day.

      • jayne

        We are two of God’s precious, loving, word whore , aliens. I like it. I STILL cannot get the picture of this Woman’s labia out of my mind while at a damn spa in Germany. I love my own labia and I’m not ashamed – heck I’ll love your labia BUT, I’m sorry but I didn’t need to see that!!!

      • pivoine68

        I know! I’m horrified of other peoples bodies. Once, in Corsica, it was the most beautiful sunset ever in the history of man when suddenly, three naked Germans with egg-bodies immerged from the depths of the Mediterranean Sea. A nearly perfect moment was ruined! Mama Egg, Papa Egg, Fat Teenage Boy Egg. Butt-neked! ICCCK! Put some clothes on! FUCK! LOL!

      • jayne

        ROTFLMAO Germans with egg-bofies Bwah ha haha
        YEAH – what’s up with that – Damn – I like a little mystery ok!! This lady was standing by me – maybe putting on lotion but had NO fucken problem with me 2 feet away when she bent over- ass in my face. I should have given her a fucken pap smear!… and charged her!

      • pivoine68

        You are SO funny! It’s 6:30 in the morning, I’ve been awake since 3…and now I’m in a state of dizzy hysteria! There are naked Germans and Austrians all over Europe. Seems like they can hardly wait to take off their clothing. I say, every body is beautiful, I just don’t want to see it!

        Shit, I need to take this body and throw it in the shower!

        (seems like we just had drinks together, non?)

        I kiss you again My Lady Jayne!

      • jayne

        Yes I’m finishing a flass of wine 9:30 pm here with my German husband in the house. Good thing you have to get showered and go – this could turn real ugly fast! LOL
        I’d have to switch to email. I forget we’re “out in the open” sometimes. You have a great day

      • pivoine68

        Thanks! I sort of forgot we were “live” too! Must be confusing for our faithful readers since we’ve jumped around a bit. I should have linked. I’m always so proud of myself when I link. Sleep well My Jayne! It’s been lovely chatting with you! 🙂

  1. G

    Tiny dervishes! That just sticks in my brain, great image. Your writing is beautiful, and you express this need I wish I could, too. Kisses!

    • pivoine68

      Merci Ma Belle!
      I have a really cool photo of whirling dervishes but I thought of that after I had already posted this. Plus I didn’t take the photo!

      I think that you express yourself quite eloquently Miss G! Silly you! Where did that come from?


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