What I Have To Say Today About Sexuality

Illustration by Raymond Peynet

Illustration by Raymond Peynet

There are countless amazing aspects of human sexuality. Writing some down gives me the impression that I can catch a few of them out of the sky, confine them for a moment. I’d like to deposit them in a treasure chest where I could dig them up later and cherish the beauty that they hold. Sexuality is universal, a gift that we are given at birth and that we carry with us throughout our lives. Even people who chose not to exercise their sexuality for whatever reason still receive one. Although some people spend considerable amounts of money on their physical appearance, on sex-toys and paraphernalia, on maintaining relationships that enable them to fulfill their sexual preferences…in it’s purest form, sex is free.

Sexuality is light and easy to transport. On a low-cost flight for example, you can bring as much sexuality with you as you please at no additional charge. Although some people’s sexuality seems to flow like liquid, wet, you don’t have to put it in small plastic bottles for air travel either. You may very well be a sexual bomb but you are not required to ask for special papers to travel with your sexuality. Even when your sexuality seems to be oozing out of your pores, there is no law that obliges you to contain it. Naked as the day you were born, in a light summer dress or a heavy wool coat, your sexuality is present, your constant companion. In a crowd or all by your lonesome self…you are never really alone. When you don’t know what to do with your time, you can always take out your sexuality to give yourself the impression that you are really doing something. You can write about it, illustrate it, paint it, take pictures of it, sing about it…sexuality is present in so many parts of our lives, always intertwined in our realities. Sexuality is awesome.


  1. cAt

    So very true, and what a wonderful perspective of sexuality that you put into words. My dear, are you travelling? Email me if you prefer. xo

    • pivoine68

      No, I’m not traveling. I was just enjoying the idea of sexuality being like something that accompanies you. Like a permanent guest!


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