Day 6

In a fine white gauze
All is silent
Tenacious stain
Bleeding onto the soul
Jaw tight like a steel trap
Oversized teeth
Strangled throat
Constricted heart
Beats fiercely
Tries to seep out
More than anything else


  1. jayne

    Not drinking among other things you have to handle? Fuck yeah Dawn!!! It’s always good to add to the challenges in life. I like layering it ALL ON – GIVE IT TO ME, you Bastard! I’ll take it and ask for more! And then, I toss off the lesser crap and the hard shit seems a bit easier to take care of. How twisted is that? I always like doing the harder things first – you know, when I KNOW I HAVE to handle it. Even hiking – give me the uphill first so I can coast down when I’m tired. My darker posts are when I’m in the climb or full weight of a situation. HEY!! Start a DIET TOO!! Giv’em Hell Dawn. I’M WITH YOU! ( Who are we giving hell to again? LOL)

    • pivoine68

      Well…looks like tomorrow will be Day 1, again. Obviously I only want to quit drinking to lose weight. Vanity RULES! I’m with you on layering. (I guess we give ourselves a hard enough time without provoking the Gods. 😉 )

      Bring it on Bisous,

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