Keep mistakin’ it
For lovin’ me,
When you’re
Hand-n-glovin’ me
Pushin’-n-shovin’ me.

I really have to say,
I wouldn’t want it
Any other way.
No reason to defend
How we love to pretend.

“Let’s play house!”
I said
“You’re my littl’ mouse!”
he said,
“Playin’ with my thread.”


  1. jayne

    Wow woman, If we were in the 1920’s, I picture you singing this in smoky blues club where only the the best musicians play…wearing a gorgeous gown that shows your shoulders of glowing skin on a sultry summer night. poignant words indeed! and Good Morning – I just saw you visiting me : ) xo, Jayne

    • pivoine68

      It would be fun if we could be in the 1920’s together! Singin’, smokin’, drinkin’ doin’ our thing! Happy Weekend to you My Dear.

      Bisous to you,

  2. Theo Black

    Yeah, I had the same image as Jayne. I imagined this as an old-school blues lyric. Very nice.

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