something d i i r r t i e r part 2

So, her mind was filled with images of herself as an awkward junior high school student, falling blindly into the arms of a handsome camp counselor. What a delightful feeling! Like plunging into the turquoise sea. Letting go of her doubt and fear. Just free-falling. Marco worked her body as if he were fine-tuning her, making sure she was well-lubricated and revved up properly. Verifying that all of her parts were functioning correctly. She imagined herself as an expensive Swiss watch, every tiny piece of her a vital part of something terribly complex.

Marco’s fingers inside of her were relentless, prodding and twitching and she had a sudden surge of energy from within her that she had been unaware of until that very moment. His hand pulsed deep within her and she felt herself coming undone, coming apart at the seams, coming in a way she had never came before. A warm spray of liquid shot out from a deep place inside of her. Pleasure overcame any feelings of embarrassment she may have had as a fine rain of her landed slowly onto the Persian rug. She had an impression of going over the crest on a roller-coaster, a huge rush of adrenaline that left her breathless and elated.

For her stiff and ardent partner in crime, the party was far from over. The enormous erection barely contained in his trousers, yearning to be freed was suddenly out, throbbing and urgent. She found it particularly beautiful. His cock attained a new level of perfection…symmetric, glistening,  majestic really. She wanted it like she had never wanted anything before. In her hands, in her mouth, in her snatch, in her ass. She wanted to rub it all over her long body, to somehow incorporate it into her very being. All the empty spaces in her body longed to be filled by his wonderful, throbbing member.


  1. Benoît Beaudry

    Cool text! Oh… where’s my head? I mean: hot! (Part one and of course two… or should I say, intercourse?)
    My head is sometimes lost just at the tip of my second head…
    And speaking of heads, it’s always interesting to kind of be able to feel a situation from the point of view of a woman…

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