Photo-Therese Linda Isabella

Photo-Therese Linda Isabella

J’aurai tellement du mal d’attendre
Les feuilles vermeilles dorées
brûlant dans les cendres,
Matins frais de septembre
Comme une pomme verte, âpre,
Une douce brise,
Caressant ma peau
Le mélange des sentiments
Toujours présent
Ne cesse de me surprendre

J’ai si envie
D’être entre tes bras
Poser ma tête
Me détendre.

être en novembre.


    • pivoine68

      Oh My Sweet Girl, how can we be so happy and so devastated at the same time? Things are weird but maybe they are exactly as they should be.

      I hope you are well…I was disconnected for two weeks. (a lifetime on internet!)

      Je t’aime,

      PS: Hier c’était mon anniversaire. Maintenant j’ai 45 ans et un jour. 😦

      • Fatal

        I ask myself as much all the time.

        Si je suis honnête, je souffre pour de nombreuses raisons. J’essaie de garder le silence à ce sujet, mais il me semble s’échapper. Je serai bien, un jour, mais pas maintenant. Et tu es la plus belle vieux 45 ans que j’ai jamais vu. À l’intérieur, mais en dehors aussi.

        And I am deeply sorry I missed your birthday, my love. I hope it was well.

        Je t’aime aussi, mon tresor. Mais tu dois savoir que.


  1. cAt

    Miss your writing. And then you post in French! Thank heavens for Google Translate. How does a Colorado girl end up in France for 20 years, and write such beautiful French like its the language she was born to? Would like to read that story sometime. I’ll be the same in August, 45 :-(.

    • pivoine68

      45 is really rough! I can barely believe it.

      I ask myself how I ended up here a lot. I really wanted to be in France for no good reason. I love the language and had no clear career goals anyway. You are right, I should write about that. Maybe then I would understand! 🙂

      Thanks for taking the time to Google Translate me! I am honored.

      Bisous cAt!

    • pivoine68

      Why thank you Miss Acton! I think I’m gonna write more in French here because it doesn’t seem like my Tumblr (where I write in French) gets read much.


  2. rheath40

    Your words make me ache, but they make me hopeful too. I turned 45 last April. I have to say, it’s been a pretty good year. Gets better every day.

    Love, Renee

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