Manual Dexterity

Your lingering fingers,
Slow and heavy like a sultry summer afternoon,
Drifting lazily towards Netherlands
Procure in me sensations
Painfully beautiful
A kind of happiness
That makes me well up
In tearful bliss
and waves of unexpected gratitude.
“Thank you, I want to say,
For finding me
When I needed you most,
When I felt so hopelessly lonely.”
Now we can be
With your lingering fingers.


  1. Theo Black

    Beautiful words. Still trying to figure out the picture, exactly, but it’s beautful as well. Strange, though, and that’s not bad.

    • pivoine68

      Salut My Sweet Théo,
      It’s a flower, a little out of focus and then enlarged to create a bit of mystery! I’m a strange person, but then again you probably already realize that. 😉

      Je t’embrasse,

  2. Quieter Elephant

    The yellow tulip went well with your beautiful imagery… though I briefly chuckled when my typical “outside the box” re-interpretation recalled those Yellow Pages “let your fingers do the walking” ads.

    • pivoine68

      You just made me snort…or maybe guffaw! Whatever it’s called, it wasn’t very elegant. 😉

      It’s a great re-interpretation! Thank you!


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