Still Wondering. Or, “Silly Poem that Rimes.”

John K. Goodman photo

John K. Goodman photo

This started here, but I am still asking myself…

Does my shyness
Make you bolder,
My apparent warmth
Make you colder?
Does my feigned innocence
Make you smolder,
Because every day,
I’m that much older…

I’ve never been at ease,
I’ve always wanted
So much
To please..

All you have to do is ask,
I’ll be down on my knees.

Save me
From my redundant
Eternal fate,

Take me now
It’s nearly
Too late.


    • pivoine68

      You’re right…but I like to imagine it with ok skin and a not too terribly saggy body! (so I can film it! LOL)
      That stuff seems to be right around the corner. Eeeeek!

      Big Hy in the Sky Bisous,

    • pivoine68

      Ah thank you My Favorite La La! I get so behind on reading that I am ashamed of myself and stop all together. I suppose I have been following you for about a year too. I’ll stop by more often as well! You always make me smile. 😉

      Big Bisous,

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