Statue in the park

Statue in the park

Is there something in
my softness
That makes you
so hard?

my vulnerability
Make you
feel stronger?

Is it my
That makes
you want me?
My dreaminess
That makes you
so real?

When you’re
fucking me,
Do you feel
Like you’re
pinning down
a fragile butterfly,
Connecting me
to the universe,
Tethering me down
Towards reality?

Could my
Make you
love me?



  1. jayne

    I’ve never had that thought about softness. Hmmm, I might want to think about that. What a beautiful post. Your last line reminds me of a joke I heard a girlfriend say, “If only desperation were sexy.” xo, J

  2. Fatal

    “Like you’re pinning down a fragile butterfly.”

    These words are ringing in my head, over and over. Your writing is hauntingly beautiful.


    • pivoine68

      I know! I wanted to say something like, “Putting a pin through the heart of a fragile butterfly,” but that seemed too brutal. Plus how do we know if butterflies have hearts? Probably they do.

      Je t’aime et j’aimerais que tu sois lĂ ,

  3. Nick


    Except I thought the ending was totally unrealistic and unlikely.

    How could you not be loved; fragile, soft and giving as you are?

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