The ChatSoleil Project


…and what is The ChatSoleil Project, you may be asking yourself? Well, ChatSoleil is a small, independent publishing house located in Paris, France. A corporation of artists specialized in erotic photography and illustrations. Readers who have followed my blog for a while remember Bill Tong, one of the founding fathers of ChatSoleil. The other artists, Laurent Benaim and Camille MM are equally very talented and each have unique qualities that make them shine. Their longterm project is to find interesting subject-matter, (they surpass the run-of-the-mill tits-n-ass photography by far) to take photos, expose their work and to print books.

My project within their project is to use my extensive knowledge of the English language, (I sure hope there are no spelling errors in here!) and my  HUGE  following to help find contacts susceptible to distribute their books. If you know of web sites or specialized distributing houses in your country that may be interested, let me know  here or by email. Even a book shop in your area or elsewhere could be a possible retail outlet. I am not asking for anything more than addresses.

I am so excited to be a part of this artistic venture! I thank you in advance…I am hyper-ventilating!!info/c161y


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