I Wanna

Painting in Estonia, Artist Unknown

Estonian artist, name forgotten.

I wanna feel your lips
Consuming me
In long

I wanna use my hips
Taking you in
Inviting you
On a beautiful

I wanna feel your love
A perfect fit
Finger in a glove

I wanna be your whore
To be all yours
To beg for more
To expose to you
My rotten

I wanna know why
You don’t even have to try
To make me want you

On the sly.


    • pivoine68

      I think you are the first person ever to call me a bitch! Almost like taking my virginity. An infectious bitch too…WOW! Thank you Neal Gray!

      Bitch Bisous,

    • pivoine68

      I hope I’ll be back. Wow, I feel like I am attending my own funeral. Where is my kleenex! Thanks for caring. I’ll keep in touch.


  1. Patrick Solere

    Reblogged this on Patrick Solere and commented:
    Le mois du re-blog

    Pour une soirée de St Valentin un peu plus pimentée…

    Je me suis amusé à lire vos blogs en entier et y découvert des pépites, je vous propose de les faire (re)découvrir ainsi que vos nouveautés.

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