1. Theo Black

    Very pretty, Dawn. I like the poem, too. Just a few words to encapsulate the passion and desire. Nice.

  2. sacha1nch1

    i love the way you’re comparing yourself to our lord and saviour, jesus father christ spirit….makes me wanna get on my knees and…………….fuck…

    • pivoine68

      See I was debating between, In God We…, or Thrust Me…which I like a lot as well. I’m trying to drum up a bigger audience, become famous, rich, buy your place of work and be your boss! I can’t decide if there are more Bible Bangers or Pervs. I chose Bible Bangers. Maybe one of them will try saving me! (that was a joke!)

      Bisous Sacha Love of My Life,

      PS: Pervs rule the universe!!!

      • sacha1nch1

        go pervs!!! but you’ll probably find that there is quite a substantial overlap between the two! i hope that doesn’t ruin your chances of fame and fortune….i’ve never had a beautiful boss

        underling bisous

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