Eat Your Plate of Fate

“If fate doesn’t  make you laugh then you just don’t get the joke,”

…is my electronic signature on my email and I don’t. Get it. Not at all. I wrote yesterday on my Facebook that at times life hits you in the face like a slow-moving train. That way you have the time to really feel the impact. And I do. Feel the impact. Yet oddly, at the same time I feel as if I have been doused in gasoline, pushed into the fire by the one who was supposed to love me and have come out on the other side completely unscathed. My eyebrows are not even singed.

Every ending really is just a new beginning in disguise.

No, my extremely unlikely fate is not making me laugh at all but there is one thing I have to announce. This bizarre, exotic, erotic, often psychotic casserole that is my blog is most definitely going to be getting much spicier and hotter than ever before.

Hell, I might even put an illicit context warning on here.

Enjoy, Bloggas’!



  1. Sandee

    Well hot damn! I can’t wait. And thank you for contributing to my sex life because, at present, I don’t have one — well, not with anyone else.

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