Epistolary Shoot – Dawn & Jean

Epistolary Shoot

Correspondance of order & photo
with Entre 2 Dawn and Jean d’Arc.


O R D E R  N°0000000001 – Jean d’Arc ©

> > > See the order


O R D E R  N°0000000002 – Entre 2 Dawn ©

– You, in the bathtub with a rubber duck or a live duck… or duck foie gras.

> > > See the photo


O R D E R  N°0000000003 – Jean d’Arc ©

> > > See the order

Buk Massage

O R D E R  N°0000000004 – Entre 2 Dawn ©

– Dearest Jean,
I would like to receive a photo of you shirtless, drinking a long, tall glass of milk. With your free
hand, please tickle your nipple into an erectile peak.

Thank you.


> > > See the photo


O R D E R  N°0000000005 – Jean d’Arc ©

> > > See the order


O R D E R  N°0000000006 – Entre 2 Dawn ©

Full-length black and white photo of you in front of the library, 118 Avenue du Colonel Fabien,
eating an ice cream cone, mango/cassis with the ice cream in color.

> > > See the photo



  1. Jean d'Arc

    I am a partner of creation, a colleague of Dawn on the project ” Epistolary Shoot – Dawn and Jean “… The principle being a virtual exchange, such an epistolary correspondence, but through verbal orders and through photogenic answers. We hope that you will take some pleasure to follow the evolution of this small game…Have fun… Jean d’Arc.

  2. sacha1nch1

    one of my most favourite story forms….epistolic that is, not picture book; although the two so far are working well; if only janet leigh was prepared in such a manner, what a different film it would have been

    and have i told you lately that you’re beautiful?

  3. sacha1nch1

    oh and i left a comment on jean’s blog…would you mind going over there and translating it for me? i wrote that janet leigh has really let herself go, but i don’t know what the french coloquialism would be

    translation bisous

  4. sacha1nch1

    nice; what a lovely little breast…could you tell me what the instructions were please? the translations online don’t make no sense, dagnamit!

    tingly bisous

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