1. Nick

    They probably need a spanner welded to their balls, too! Silly people.

    Have a nice glass of wine to help calm my nerves. I have mine here…

      • pivoine68

        I was on it once for 4 years and then once again for a year and a half and lately, I’ve been being dragged around by it. Sometimes having fun just isn’t that much fun…

        Bisous! Thanks for liking me on FB (root of evil but still…)

  2. sacha1nch1

    where’s the ladybird (sic) photo? did you have to remove it?

    i did something extremely productive today too….i entertained two small children by smashing the inch and a half of ice that covered the sandpit, with a broom!

    • pivoine68

      I did have to remove it, I wasn’t forced or anything but WP sends you a pretty scary invitation to do so…and the person who reported me kept on looking at that post for weeks to make sure it was gone.

      So long as the babies enjoyed your show…..

      Big Icy Bisous,

      • sacha1nch1

        how weird….i’d be flattered if someone wanted an image of mine…hey ho, takes all sorts

        they loved it of course, especially with the run-ups

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