Late Rapper’s Delight-Sometimes I Feel Like Snoop

Rapper’s Delight

I said I wasn’t sure
but he just kept on
Wining me
Dining me
Fucking mainlining me
Reclining me
Entwining me
Sometimes 69’ing me
Driving me
Jiving me
Reviving me
Tripping me
Stripping me
Clipping me
He’s gone so far as to try
Double-dipping me
Feeding me
Needing me
Bleeding me
Calling me
Mauling me
Often enthralling me
Stalking me
Rocking me
Detoxing me
Roadblocking me
Caressing me
Impressing me
Distressing me
From time to time compressing me
Jumping me
Humping me
Pumping me
Once or twice dumping me
Inviting me
Igniting me
Biting me
Delighting me
Binding me
Finding me
Unwinding me
Placating me
Elating me
Negating me
Jubilating me
Gyrating me
Masturbating me
Fornicating me
Disguising me
Economizing me
Surprising me
Hypnotizing me

Occasionally sodomizing me.


    • pivoine68

      hihihihi! Double-dipping is where you dip your carrot stick into a steaming artichoke dip at a Christmas party and then you dip that same stick in once again…but not in this context really.

      I’ll let you ponder on that!


    • pivoine68

      Wow…over a year later, I realize that I missed your comment. Sorry about that. I’m flaky sometimes. Scattered.
      It’s fun to reread yourself. Makes me think i must use drugs, yet I don’t.

      Apologetic Bisous,

  1. Capitol Hill

    wow baby you might have missed your true calling, that was brilliant πŸ˜‰ I may have to craft some beats for this

    • pivoine68

      I’ve probably missed my whole pathetic life! I keep hoping it’s not too late to pull things together, get famous and wear really expensive shoes.
      That would be cool if you put this to music!

      Rhythm and Bisous,

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