Oh No….I Think My Blog is Clogged!

Earlier this month, I realized that my blogging experience has been a new and beautiful part of my life for nearly a year. I never would have imagined that I would meet so many fascinating people. I never would have imagined how truly liberating it can be to write to an anonymous yet loving public. Many of you have become people I care about, who I think of. I’m not really a discreet kind of person in real life…in my blogging life I can allow myself even more openness and say nearly everything I feel, which feels really good to me. Anyway, I am pleasantly surprised with all of this, but it reminded me of how, in the beginning of this journey, the first of December 2011, in my first post ever, By Dawn’s Early Write, (I know, I just love corny word games! Did you see that link, Sacha?) I wrote, “Writing feels like being thrown a rope, a way of pulling myself out of….myself (I am incredibly self-absorbed) and really I hope that doing this enables me have at least one major success in my life. Not that I’ve never had any. I just want to express myself without anyone interrupting, more or less. And be published and become incredibly famous and wealthy.” So far I am not published nor incredibly famous or wealthy…but I was hoping I might write 100 posts, have 10,000 clicks. I just thought of this a few weeks ago and ever since, I can’t think of anything to write about. I have had a few days lately where my stats said “0” at 8AM and “0” at 8PM. I feel so forgotten then. I think a great deal of the blogging experience takes root in exchange. I have not been reading anyone lately, I have not been writing either…and now I can either slip into the land of the forgotten or I can say more of what I have to say. Hopefully it is not too late to become a household name, to have the masses ripping my clothing off…I can’t wait!


  1. Rincewind

    I’m here to rip yr clothes anytime. 😉 but remembered similar feelings in the beginning when I was over the moon when 10 views was on my stats. And how sad when u saw 0 but it will shoot up but it can take time. Keep posting and people will find you.

    • pivoine68

      With clothes ripped off, I could be on your blog and mine! 🙂
      I guess we should not care so much about stats…I’m obsessive sometime. (all the time?)


  2. Romantic Dominant

    We all have our own reasons to write. They are usually complex. Certainly for me there is the joy of being read. But I think it is likely I would write anyway – after all I have kept a private diary since I was seventeen. I write when I feel the need to say something out loud, to share joy or sorrow, to express something beyond the muted clatter of fingers on keyboard. I write of memories so I will not forget them. I write as therapy for when my soul is tortured. I write for every woman that I have ever known, and will ever know.
    Your blog is fascinating. Let the words rush out.

    • pivoine68

      The women that you write for are lucky. I feel proud to be fascinating…thank you for appreciating what I have to say.

      I hope my words will begin to rush out…


  3. Marian Green

    I have missed you, as I’m sure many others have as well. So no dear Dawn, you are not forgotten. There seem to be several us who fell into the October doldrums. Let us drink to many more posts and to pulling one’s self out of one’s self.
    Kisses! Lots and lots of kisses!!

    • pivoine68

      Hi Marian!
      You are probably right…it’s a season-change thing! I feel like I’m in a Hallmark card today reading all of your sweet comments!
      That is really the ultimate challenge…pulling self out of self. That and not always saying yes when offered a glass of wine! 🙂

      Big Bisous,

  4. Theo Black

    Marian is right. We want more of your sweet French decadence, as well as your personal thoughts. Come back, Dawn. Give us all erections and/or wet spots that we can write about in your comments.

    • pivoine68

      My Dearest Théo,
      I am honored to inspire in you as many erections as possible! (In a worst-case scenario I can start posting naked photos. Videos! How scandalous!)

      Wet-Spotted Bisous, (that’s disgusting!)

    • pivoine68

      Hi! I’m glad to see you as well…beautiful picture you! I see no sword-chin though!
      (I swell and poof like a bird when you call me Superstar! Thank you!)

      Bisous and a healthy dose of exclamation points,

  5. jayne ayres

    You can’t leave yet – there are so many thoughts in that mind of yours. I wait for your posts to see what you’re thinking about. You are interesting, kind, caring, dark, bright, light-hearted, lusty, wanting, settled and you write well. All of that makes me want to follow your posts whether you post once a month or once a week. ( I like once a week because its hard to keep up on everyone’s posts like I’d like.) Besides, I like your perspective on what I’ve written. Don’t start thinking about stats – just write what you want.

    • pivoine68

      I agree about once a week…I fall behind and then feel like a jerk…which then hinders my creative process! I also like your perspective Lady Jayne! Thanks for putting up with my shiftiness.

      It feels good to be back. I’ve missed all of you!

      Back-in-the-saddle Bisous,

  6. sacha1nch1

    how could i miss it, ma cheri! you have blossomed from a chronic case of ‘the page cannot be found’ to the lady of the link! bringing forth exclinkabur! and other such link-related klink arthur word plays….

    linking bisous

  7. Accidental Masturbator

    Whether or not you are forgotten is not in your hands. A seed has been sewn in the minds of others, and there it shall remain through cycles of autmun and spring.
    As others have said, you have been missed. I’m with Rincewind on the offer of clothes ripping. And with Theo on the desire to be stiffened by your words.
    Et je m’ennuie de tes baisers.

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  9. workspousestory

    Hi Sweetie,
    I know what you feel, I also recently found it hard to write, and wasn’t able to visit as much as I should (here, for example!) but now I’m back into it and hopefully will be visiting more often 🙂 xxxxx

    kisses my love, India x

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