Slow shifting,
Silent, yet deafening to her
Suddenly pulls the bottom out
From under her feet.

Losing ground.

Her chest,
Tight like an overwound clock,
Smashing her heavy heart
Up towards the back of her constricted throat.

Pulsating bile.

No stranger to this hostile land.
Her winning smile distorted,
Her laughter
Ringing like forgotten change,

A  fleeting memory.

Panic thickens like porridge,
Frosty anxiety embraces her
With cold arms…
Dead fish on her back,

She is coming undone.


  1. Hyacinth

    Do I “like” this? Its artistry, I like, its message, not so much. Love to you, sweet Dawn. xx Hy

    • pivoine68

      Thank you My Hy with Whom I lLike to Fly! Sorry….I’ve been having this sinking feeling lately…I’m trying to get rid of it. (I need a lover. I need an incredible lover. I need several lovers on the same day. I need lovers of different shapes and sizes….) Voilà.

      Je t’embrasse My Hy que j’aime,

  2. Cruel Intentions

    My little cabbage, Everything will work out in the end. If it doesn’t its just not the end yet. Mille Bisous. Cruel

    • pivoine68

      Seems to me that if you call me “My Little Cabbage,” I have this feeling that things will really work themselves out…

      Like when you put blinders on a skittish horse. They get all confident for no good reason.

      Mille bisous à toi,

    • pivoine68

      I was trying to get rid of these feelings on paper/computer but they are still hanging around like a bad smell…thanks for reading!

      Dismal Bisous, (better than none.)

  3. Nick

    Your poetry confuses me, in the same way a Picasso does. Lots of bright colours, strong images beautifully constructed, vivid emotions.
    I can understand some of the general direction, not the detail.
    Sometimes I’m glad that being inside my head is so mundane.
    But I would seriously miss the occasional view from inside yours if you did not write.
    Even if I don’t understand it.

    • pivoine68

      I’m sorry that I confuse you…that is not my intention! You are right that inside my head is not always a warm place to be but thank you for liking me and appreciating my writing anyway.Thanks for being a friend.

      There is probably less to understand than you think. 😉


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