Her knees
Drawn beneath her
In a crapulous
Child’s pose
Ass delicately blossoming
From under her lazy summer dress
Her sex
Carnivorous flower
Lame, mute orifice
Yet throbbing
Like her tired heart
Dying ever so slowly

Eternal desires
Never fulfilled
Like a sickness
With no possible cure


    • pivoine68

      Thanks Noodle…I’ve been thinking I might need to stop my complaining and try to really change the situation instead of crying about it. I’m afraid I’m getting rather monotonous. Sorry about that! I like carnivorous flower too. I had these images of carp in a river with their mouths straining just on the surface of the water to catch flies but I was not sure I could portray that in words without some wise guy making fish jokes…so I left it out.

      Big Office Game Bisous,

      • pivoine68

        It’s bound to be more exciting than my current (lamenting) situation! If I had a job, I’d start Office Games as well! I’ll just have to make do with my gym and public transportation. 🙂

        Big Bisous,

  1. TheOthers1

    “Her sex
    Carnivorous flower”

    It’s very hungry indeed. This felt sad near the end. Eternal desires never fulfilled. Constantly wanting. Nice.

  2. Fatal

    Il semble si grossière-à-dire, mais si j’étais un homme, je serais tenter de tu donner tout ce que tu pourriez jamais avoir besoin, car tu le méritez, ma chère gloire du matin.

    Forgive any grammar issues, won’t you? I’m out of practice in writing this beautiful language. Communicating with you helps me to stretch my skill a little. Your poetry is sad and beautiful. Carnivorous flower, indeed.


  3. truth003

    The carnivorous flower image is powerful. Sad that it is described as lame in the next lIne. This poem seems so conflicted. But desire, wanting, can be that way, no?

  4. Accidental Masturbator

    I echo everyone else’s comments about both carnivorous flower and your art.
    But I think you should worry less about having your head up your ass and concentrate on getting the head of someone’s cock up your … err … sarracenia.

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