1. Theo Black

    You have to zoom in a lot, but she looks like it’s been a rough night already and she’s not done yet. I like it.

  2. I know that, but

    I always wonder what people look like, of the bloggers that I read. I picture you on a bus, in a garden or walking into a grocery store. When I saw the above picture, I thought, “that’s not what she looks like, she has blond hair.” I don’t know what colour hair you have in actuality. It is just that I came across a picture on someone else’s blog that snapped into place in my mind as being what you look like. When I read your words, or think of you, this ( http://jellynat.blogspot.ca/2012/06/brighter-my-love.html ) is what I picture. It is so strong to me that, I checked, and you live in separate areas of France. I checked, because otherwise my mind truly insists that I am outing you. Anyway, I thought you might smile, at me letting you know what you look like to me.

    ~ Hugs and hugs and hugs to you today
    (and tomorrow too.
    Maybe yesterday as well.
    Okay, I’ll stop.). ~

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