Multiplying my vices
à l’infini
In chaotic expectation
That at least one
Might make me feel
Than less than
(There really is some order in chaos.)

Seeking the square root
Of my own equation.
I hate math anyway.


  1. 40ouncestofreedom

    Lovely as usual, ma belle. Though you are entirely too hard on yourself and if we ever meet, I think I will have to spank you!

    Mille bises!

    P.S. I am fine, just no ready internet access

  2. Theo Black

    You’ll never reach total dissolution if you keep frittering yourself away on endless vices. You need to pick one vice and focus, focus, focus. (Nice poem, though; I feel you.)

  3. Ink. [Anette]

    “Seeking the square root
    Of my own equation”… forget about it girl! Dawn is Dawn and there’s no square root to it.
    From Dusk in Disguise (struggling with √∞)

    • pivoine68

      I liked math until I was about thirteen. They say that girls start wandering away from math and science around the age when puberty strikes in order to be non-threatening to men. I read that somewhere…

      I feel like at least a two today. 🙂


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